Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are your hours?
A. We open on Dec 4, 2015. Our hours are:
Monday to Friday   12 pm - 6 pm 
Saturday/Sunday    9 am - 5 pm

Q. What types of trees do you have?
A. We have Fraser Fir, Grand Fir, Noble Fir and some Douglas Fir and Nordmann Fir trees.

Q. How much are your trees and wreaths? 
A. Trees range in price from $45-$80, depending on the size and variety you choose. Fresh wreaths are $12.99-$34.99. For more info, click here

Q. How tall are your trees?
A. For 2015  most of our trees are between 5-8 feet tall. We have a limited number that are taller than 8 feet.

Q. Do you offer train rides?
A. Yes, on weekends only. The cost is $3 per person. You can submit two train tickets to receive $6 off your tree.

Q. What activities do you offer?
A. On the weekends we have train rides for $3 per person. You can submit two train tickets to receive $6 off the cost of your tree. 
We also have a (free) petting zoo and free apple cider and hot 

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